Status: OPEN

Thank you for your interest in commissioning me! Please read the information below.


If you are a brand or an influencer interested in a collaboration or project, please send me an email at [email protected] and we can discuss the details.


  • OCs

  • Anime style caricatures

  • Human characters with animal features

  • Humanoid D&D characters

  • Fanart*

  • Ships (SFW and age-appropriate)

  • Simple backgrounds (i.e. flat colours or patterns)

*I may avoid fanart of certain IPs at the request of the original creators


  • NSFW

  • Animals/Furries

  • Realism

  • Gore

  • Mech/machinery

  • Architecture


I use Trello to track my progress. It generally takes me around 2-7 days to finish simpler works. Anything else will take me anywhere from 3-5 weeks, possibly longer if the commission requires heavy rendering.


  • Prices are in CAD

  • Most of my prices are in ranges. I will charge more if your commission has a deadline, and the more creative freedom I have, the more I will charge. Providing me with multiple references/detailed descriptions will reduce your price and make my process quicker and easier.

  • I accept payment through ko-fi (preferred), Paypal, or etransfer (preferred for Canadian clients).

  • Once I take on your commission, I will send you an invoice and ask for a 50% deposit upfront. Once I complete the commission, I will request the remaining payment before sending the completed art.


Doodle: $10-$20 CAD

Low-effort drawing, which may or may not be good quality. This is for those who either want something silly/cursed or a cheap novelty.

Chibi: $60 CAD

Full-body, rendered chibi with transparent background.

Icons: $30-$60 CAD

Single icons are $30, while matching pairs are $60.

Headshot: $60 - $75 CAD

My most requested commission. Character from the shoulders up. Has a simple background with more focus on the character's face. Some people use these as a profile pic/icon on socials, although the resolution tends to be too high to use as an icon.


Fill out the form below or send me an email at
and include "commission" in the subject. Please read my terms and prices carefully before submitting your form!